Attend Strategies for Success, a college course specifically designed for women in transition.


In everything She Has A Name does, we guide our work through the following principles: empowering survivors, engaging communities and supporting and partnering with existing anti-human trafficking efforts.

The process of partnering with CleanTurn to create SHAN Cleaning and developing a relationship with Freedom A La Cart highlighted the gap of transitional support for many women in recovery. Even if there were job opportunities available, many survivors did not have the training or support needed to gain and maintain employment. We attempted a direct response to the need by launching Jobs for Life, an 8-week long job readiness program that prepared women for employment at SHAN Cleaning. After running the course twice, with five graduates, we felt like more could be done.

A partnership with Harrison College, a local accredited college, presented itself and it aligned perfectly with our passion to equip and empower existing efforts. Together, we’ve adapted their class Strategies for Success to be a survivor-based job readiness class that not only prepares survivors for employment but will also allow them to obtain six college credits. Launched in the fall of 2016,  this opportunity to meets a critical need for survivors as they prepare to be self-sustaining and consider future education.


We believe you are uniquely gifted with amazing talents. These classes are specifically tailored to help guide you through strategies to becoming employed, methods to maintain employment, and most importantly, tools to support lifelong goals. At the end of the program, you will be equipped to enter the work force and offered an interviews with local businesses.


Starting in the spring of 2017, the twelve-week program will be held at Harrison College in Grove City. We are solidifying specific dates and times, but classes will take place once weekly for three hours per session.


Yes! We are looking for dedicated mentors to attend alongside the class participants and support them in their studies. We are also looking for volunteers to provide transportation and meals for attendees. Finally, we're looking for local business leaders and women in leadership roles who can speak during classes or conduct post-class job interviews with class graduates.


 Email us at or by calling (614) 636-0421.

Class Updates-Strategies for Success

Week 6 | Nov 15th & 17th

Last week of class! We are so proud of these hard-working women! LaShaunda Reese from Acloche joined us to talk about the process of applying for and receiving a job. Our focus is now on making sure these women are ready for their next steps, whether that be continued education or immediate employment. We had a Thanksgiving feast the last night and held one-on-one mock interviews. We answered some final questions like “What do you bring to a job?” and “How do you flourish in the workplace?”. 

Week 5 | Nov 8th & 10th

Instead of the usual pizza, we had sandwich rolls tonight. Snacks always make the class go faster. Since this was election week, we focused on how to form convictions and vote accordingly. Our guest speaker was from Freedom A La Cart—executive director Paula taught on characteristics of a leader and how to be one. We studied Amy Cuddy’s work on Power Posing. We also brought in an executive recruiter to start working with the ladies on their interview skills.

Week 4 | Nov. 1st & 3rd

The class studied VARK Learning Styles this week, focusing discussions on strengths like note-taking, brain flow, and how to figure out your learning style. We also taught on budgeting, time management, and resume writing. 

Week 3 | Oct 25th & 27th

Each week, class participants are assigned multiple online assignments that can be completed through the week. At this half-way point, we spent time making sure each lady was caught up and doing well. They’re beginning to make quite a bit of progress with their computer and online skills. 

Week 2 | Oct. 18th & 20th

It’s the week of our big She Has A Name annual Gala! On the first class of the week, the President of Harrison College, Lenee Pezzano, joined us to teach on professionalism. We unpacked concepts like judgement, impressions, and basic professional tips. And of course, fashion was a big topic. The second class of the week was the night of our Gala and the ladies attended as our guest of honors! 

Week 1 | Oct 11th & 13th

We are so excited to launch this class with eight wonderful participants. Growth is on the horizon. The first week we spent time asking questions like “Who are you?" "What drives you?” and "What influences a first impression?". We studied the importance of perceptions. We had a guest speaker from My Sister’s Place, founder Janis Entingh. She taught on the importance of personal integrity. Finally, we focused on defining success and how to measure it in our lives. 

Class Updates-Jobs for Life

January 2016

We took a short break for the month of December due to the holidays, but classes are now back in full swing! Last class we had a guest come from Fahrenheit IT Staffing and Consulting to speak with our student about interviewing skills. She was highly engaged and eager to learn. We believe she will use the excellent interviewing advice given by Fahrenheit in future interviews! We plan to end classes at the beginning of February and hope to begin another round of classes shortly after. 

Please pray for us to find the right women for the next round of classes as we explore potential partnerships this month. 

We are so thankful for your continued prayers and support. We could not do this without Christ, the one who strengthens us and provides us with the skills we need to do what he has called us to do.

December 2015


We are about half way through our JfL classes and plan to end on February the 3rd. Thus far, progress has been slow but steady. Our student has identified many areas of her life that are holding her back from employment. She has many employable skills and is a very hard, dedicated worker. She has job experience and knows what types of occupations in which she would succeed, and also enjoy. Like many of us, her barriers to employment are centered on struggles that exist due to past experiences. Please pray for us to speak truth into her life to break down lies that are that are getting in the way of growth. We are grateful for prayer warriors who lift us up in prayer. We certainly cannot succeed without the Holy Spirit guiding our every steps. 

Overall, though progress is slow, we know that God is doing amazing work through Jobs for Life. We feel his presence and righteous right hand upholding us on hard days. Please do continue to pray for us as we prepare to begin another round of classes at the end of February, and also for God to bring six women to us for those classes!

November 2015

In October, we began our Jobs for Life curriculum and have already seen the impact it can have on an individual's life. The JfL classes heavily focus on our life as a journey and work as a large part of that journey. It teaches from the perspective of God as our guide through the journey. He has a plan for each one of us and is willing to help us overcome barriers to success. 

The Jobs for Life website states: "At Jobs for Life, we believe the Church is uniquely equipped to address the devastating effects of unemployment and poverty by helping men and women experience the dignity of work–through honest relationships, mentoring, Biblically-based training, and an ongoing community of support."

The vision for Jobs for Life is for individuals to work and live for the glory of God. Certainly work has been challenging. Like many, our student has misconceptions of who God is, though she fully trusts in Him. This affects her definition of the purpose of work and how she views, and approaches, relationships with others. However, as misconceptions have been challenged and addressed through Biblical truth, we have seen slow progress. Already, we, Melanie and Marisa (see sidebar), have developed a trusting relationship with our student and are working to strengthen this relationship without fostering reliance. We are excited for further work and progress with such an resilient and strong woman, and are even more excited for her (and us!!) to discover who God actually is through this course.