Your Gifts Support Freedom

In just a few years, She Has A Name has gone from a start-up event that brought awareness and funds to a robust ministry and resource in the community. Our work to empower survivors would not be possible without individuals like you who have chosen to generously invest in the abolition community.

Here's how you're joining our work:

Strategies for Success


We act as a resource to survivors by standing in the gap between restorative care and transitional employment by teaching job skills that contribute to transformational work. Survivors of human trafficking often face intense employment barriers. By offering one-on-one mentorship and job readiness classes, our hope is that more and more survivors would be restored into society, welcomed in the workplace and thriving in their community. You can learn more about this initiative here.

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As a resource to practitioners, we connect existing efforts with best practices, evidence-based research, and community capital to provide exceptional care to survivors. We have chosen to invest in the abolition community by hosting fund-raising and awareness events. We see these events as unique opportunities to join together the survivor community with the greater central Ohio community. You can view our upcoming events through our events page.

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We stand as a community resource to equip individuals and organizations with knowledge about what human trafficking is and how they can become a part of the solution. She Has A Name provides community education through a unique curriculum that addresses human trafficking education and awareness. We hold quarterly classes that offer a framework to understand human trafficking and serve survivors. Training focuses on the needs of survivors, working with survivors, and getting connected.